For a life filled with vitality and freedom

There are more and more older people and increasingly diminishing resources. In challenging times, how can we organise care in a humane and efficient way? NEAT knows the answers. And, in collaboration with its suppliers and partners, it is continually developing new products and solutions. The most important goal in all of this is to allow tens of thousands of people in Germany to live easier lives on a daily basis. Read more ...  

Neat launches NOVO, its new and advanced digital carephone

NOVO is the new state-of-the-art telecare system developed by Neat. It has been intelligently designed end-to-end with the intention of enabling service providers to offer the highest quality care.

See all details about NOVO and be amazed of its cutting-edge technology

Care assisted by well-designed systems

Whether it is in outpatient or inpatient care: You can rely on NEAT’s systems. Our dementia system, D-POS, is a customised solution for dementia patients, which provides targeted alarm distribution by group using D-SERVER. These are just two of the countless examples of how our products support and assist care workers.


25 years of the NEAT Group

Since its founding 25 years ago, the NEAT Group has achieved a lot. Our innovative and reliable devices have made life easier for countless people living at home or in public care homes. Find out more about our product quality and our values here. 


NOVO - always connected, updated and safe


This is a completely new digital concept that will take telecare a step further. The interior and exterior design of NOVO is intended to optimize all its functionalities and to offer advantages that the rest of the carephones of the market are not able to provide.

With NOVO, the connectivity, the sense of comfort and security have been brought together with a great modern design to fit in every housing and residential environment