Increasing numbers of people want to receive medical care and monitoring outside of structured care settings. Our solutions support you in meeting this increasing demand efficiently and reliably.

The Home Health Hub (HHH) by Neat provides an integrated telehealth system encompassing all the advantages of the NOVO digital telecare device. It provides a hub in the home that communicates with sensors and measurement devices locally and transmits this data securely to a monitoring centre.

In the Home Health Hub, the NOVO digital carephone contains a Bluetooth® module that makes it possible to communicate with vital signs measuring devices, such as blood pressure meter, thermometer, pulse oximeter and scale.
The encrypted measurement data is transmitted to a dedicated server, and relayed to the third party system by choice of the care provider. The end-to-end communication is constantly supervised in the Carephone Management Portal (CMP).

The devices listed below are distributed by Neat and supported by the Neat Home Health Hub solution.
Also, these peripherals are Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) devices.


Accessory optimally adapted to the NOVO ecosystem

Blood Pressure Monitor

Accessory specially designed for the TMC mobile diagnostic and analytical system


Accessory optimally adapted to NOVO ecosystem


Accessory optimally adapted to the NOVO ecosystem