Clinicians Health Portal

TMC Health portal is accessible no matter where they are. The health portal allows clinitians to view the latest clinical measurement date for any of their patients and also the historical data.

The health portal displays this information in an easy to use and intuitive way, allowing clinitians assist in the daily care of chronic patients in any condition. The solution is customisable according to clinitians´needs and patients´health conditions.

The Health Portal has been developed in accordance to international medical device standardsfor functionality, performance, security and sefety. All data are safe and highly accessible for the care team.

The Health Portal has a mature interoperability that can be adapted to existing patient management software. Clinical results from health monitors can be automatically fed into other clinical management applications.

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  • View latest clinical measurements of patients
  • Export clinical data to PDF, images, email or print
  • View historical health information and clinical trends
  • View accurate ECG traces
  • Video conferences with patients and other clinitians
  • Online integrated patient notes
  • Interoperability with existing data management systems