Reliably caring for patients with dementia

D-POS Dementia System

Approximately 50 million men and women in the world are currently suffering from dementia – and those numbers are rising. This challenge can only be met with plenty of care, patience and highly developed technology.

NEAT supports these growing challenges using the D-POS dementia system. This lightens care assistants’ workloads and allows patients to have their own space.

D-POS System is a comprehensive solution designed to cover two essential needs in a care center: to allow residents to move around residential and healthcare centers freely and safely and to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals 24 hours a day.

To meet these objectives, D-POS system creates safe and controlled areas for residents allowing carrying out an intelligent management of four fundamental services: Access control, Wandering control, Indoor Positioning and Assistance and Panic button for both caregivers and residents.

Residents only have to use an alarm transmitter bracelet called SMILE ID and enjoy a wide freedom of movement. In cases of people with dementia, the UDAT-S bracelet with a special anti-opening and cut-resistant clasp is used.

Likewise, the D-POS System is complemented with a mobile alarm receiver such as TREX or D-TREX carried by the care professionals and / or with NOVO, a digital care phone.

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Know how D-POS System works:


Application example: Nursing home care


  • Indoor positioning:  6, 7

  • Assistance and Panic button: 6, 7, 8

  • Access control: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Wandering control: 6, 7

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Neat carries out a big project in Hermanas Hospitalarias

Neat Group has undertaken a challenging technology deployment in two centers of Hermanas Hospitalarias which  are dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities. These centers are the Immaculate Conception of Granada and the Care Complex of Málaga. The project has positioned both centers at the forefront in terms of quality care.

Watch all the details of this important deployment: