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Telecare is remote care for older and retired people within their own four walls. The growing numbers of older people in our society will make this form of health care increasingly important.

Our comprehensive range of products allows NEAT to care for people in a range of situations and sectors. We offer our customers services ranging from classic carephone services to accessory module solutions with radio transmitter add-ons to software-solution specific knowledge and expertise as part of our customised packages.

After years of development, NOVO has the most advanced technology for telecare and care services platforms. Thanks to our engineers’ commitment, NOVO offers benefits being the perfect match for all users and great new functionalities for optimizing service provider´s work.

NOVO, an advanced digital carephone


After years of development, NOVO has the most advanced technology for telecare and care services platforms. Thanks to our engineers’ commitment, NOVO offers benefits being the perfect match for all users and great new functionalities for optimizing service provider´s work.



 Always connected, updated and safe


A complete new concept that will bring telecare a step further.

With NOVO the connectivity, the sense of comfort and security have been brought together with a great modern design to fit in every housing environment.



Safety, connectivity, design


  • Premium design
  • Loudspeaker of the finest quality
  • Remote configuration
  • On-line supervision (Alarm & Technical)
  • Remote FW update
  • Plug & Play peripherals
  • Improved over tension protection


The ideal partner for all users


End users

Designed to meet the exact demands and situations that the user can have:

  • Compact and functional design
  • Very easy to install & program
  • Voice messages
  • Improved microphone and speaker
  • Radio surveillance, extra security
  • Braille buttons
  • Passive alarm

Service providers

Developed to improve installation features, control, safety and monitoring at lower cost. Implementation in record time:

  • Fully digital interface
  • Improved security
  • Virtual alarms information
  • Upgrade over IP/GPRS*
  • Remote configuration*
  • Long life time battery


A device to close the cycle of interaction with all persons involved in care.

  • Improved security
  • Involve in care
  • Buy devices
  • Check status


Much more
Technical data



  • High sound-level pressure, duplex communication
  • Volume regulator with AGC
  • Energy efficiency with possibility for up to 2 weeks battery backup
  • Multi-protocol enabled
  • Alarm-type-specific call sequence for up to 16 alarm type groups
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Housing + loudspeaker splashproof


  • Large colour coded buttons with touch-recognition surface
  • Easy to locate at night due to illuminated buttons (programmable)
  • Visual acknowledgement for alarm transmission success seen in the pendant
  • Multifaceted and various programming options
  • Easy-to-programme hand transmitter
  • Important functions programmable directly in the device


  • Intelligent roaming for secure GSM/GPRS communication. (Requires roaming enabled (SIM)
  • Connected to NEAT Carphone management portal for online monitoring and surveillance
  • Acoustic and visual warning function (programmable)
  • Monitoring and reporting failure related to
  • Power supply
  • Accumulator performance
  • Radio disturbance
  • Peripheral availability (Radio test)
  • Peripheral battery status
  • Remote updates with minimum downtime


  • Online remote configuration from NEAT CMP (NOVO IP/GSM)
  • Local programing from PC
  • Installation related settings and programing available in units service menu


All you need for the best performance of the telecare service




Neat Digital Cloud


NOVO is the last piece missing in this puzzle. Neat Digital Cloud Ecosystem is an all comprising services offer, specially developed to facilitate the management of telecare services. A place that brings you full control of Neat Digital carephones, the alarms and events, knowing all tiny detail in your installation.

Communications, software updates, remote configuration are only some of the multiple offer you will find. Relatives, carers and installators can be connected under one same tool.


Carephone Management Portal

Web tool to manage your Neat IP phones in an easy way. Access to several functionalities:

  • Easy management of digital carephones.
  • Carephone monitoring in real time.
  • Remote update & configuration.
  • Technical alarms & events.
  • Complete IP home carephone reports.

Alarm Management Tools

Designed to fit your needs, showing the user data at a glance to manage the alarm in a very short time, improving service quality:

  • Web tool: remote access.
  • Complete and effective tool.
  • User´s complete file.
  • Easy alarm management.
  • Operator´s reminder and task agenda.
  • Services report files.

Communication and Services

Neat services plan is an all-comprising service offer. It is all you need to ensure and facilitate the operation of your digital NEAT carephone today, tomorrow and in the future. Including communication, software updates, remote configuration and operation surveillance for your digital NEAT carephone:

  • Upgrade firmware. Always updated.
  • Remote configuration. Saving resources.
  • Relatives, Carers, Installers connected.
  • Exclusive: New functionalities available only for you.
  • Fire prevention.


It is digital end to end. Is the last piece created to finish the puzzle. A platform where you can have full control of the homecare phones, the alarms and events, letting you know every little detail in your installation. Relatives, carers and installers will be connected under one same tool.


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