The radio transmitter motion sensor

Similar to a break-in alarm system, the PIR motion sensor monitors the presence of people and registers their movements. It first registers the inactivity of people and triggers a passive alarm. If no activity is registered within a preprogrammed period of time, an alarm is transmitted to the connected carephone.

PIR can also be installed to monitor a bed. When the user gets up in the morning, an alarm is transmitted.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • For passive or active burglary alarms
  • Drill-free installation possible due
    to table stands
  • Functional and modern design
  • Integrated radio transmitter
  • Two energy-saving modes
  • LED movement test
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Reliable radio communication through bidirectional transmission path

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Advantages for you

  • Multifaceted For passive or active
    burglary alarms
  • Efficient: Two energy-saving modes
    to choose from
  • Secure: Automatic battery monitoring
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