The radio transmitter alarm for gas

Gas sensor designed to detect the presence of toxic and explosive gases, such as butane, propane, methane, town gas, natural gas and other combustion gases. It also detects the presence of fumes coming from a fire through the gases released by the combustion itself.

GAS has an output relay with voltage-free contacts (Closed/Normal Open/Normal Closed) that allows signaling to central alarm, home automation control applications, sirens and warning lights in other places of the house, and so on.

When GAS detects the presence of toxic substances above the adjusted levels at the factory, it sends a radio frequency alarm, the red LED lights up and the piezo buzzer emits a sound. The radio signal can be received either by NEO / NOVO, a telecare terminal, or by TREX, a mobile receiver, which immediately connect to the alarm center..

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • Indoor use
  • Multigas, which increases detection capabilities and optimizes stock management by handling a single reference
  • Easy assembly
  • Detects leaks of propane, butane, methane, natural gas, among others.
  • Coverage surface: 25 square meters
  • Intermittent audible alarm, 80dB and visual status indicators
  • TEST button that limits the manual performance of the test function by unauthorized personnel
  • Ability to send and receive radio in frequency of social alarms
  • Small size (11 x 71 x 43mm)
  • Automatic reset after an alarm

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Advantages for you

  • Reliable: protects against a possible gas explosion
  • Versatile: multigas device
  • Functional: simple assembly
Practical and functional
EU Certifications