The fall detector

FALL monitors people at risk of falling, such as older people or people with impaired mobility, by detecting falls and automatically reporting them. A fall alarm can be received by all of NEAT’s receivers, such as NEO or TREX, and then be relayed onwards. FALL can also be activated manually.

Due to its highly sophisticated electronics, FALL is fit for a range of challenges. It recognises activities such as climbing stairs, sitting down and lying in bed. False alarms are almost completely eliminated.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • Pre-alarm through vibration on wrist
  • Integrated manual call initiation
  • LED display
  • Bidirectional transmission path
  • Battery life (approx. two years)
  • Automatic “battery dead” recognition

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Advantages for you

  • Reliable: Ensures notification of falls
  • Useful: Pre-alarm through vibration on wrist
  • Efficient: Low false-alarm rates
Handy and functional
Ergonomics and usability