The portable radio transmitter with RFID positioning data

D-ATOM, the portable radio transmitter, can receive both ATOM RFID positioning data and data from the D-POS positioning transmitter. If the D-ATOM ends up in the D-POS’s low frequency range, it transmits an alarm with positioning data. This information can be received by receivers such as NEO, TREX or D-TECT.

This system can be used as a door alarm system, as a monitoring system for sometimes disoriented people or to determine an individual’s position following an alarm signal.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • The portable radio transmitter with
    RFID positioning data
  • With all the advantages of ATOM
  • Handy size (only 44 x 35 x 11 mm)
  • High wearing comfort as an armband
    or collar
  • Ongoing battery monitoring with alerts displayed on device and sent to central monitoring station.
  • Two optical signal for confirmation (bidirectional transmission path)
  • Waterproof according to IP 67

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Advantages for you

  • System-oriented Automatically receives D-POS data
  • Comprehensive: With all the advantages
    of ATOM
  • Reliable: Visual transmission confirmation
  • Practical: Waterproof and suitable for use
    in wet areas
  • Secure: Automatic battery and radio transmitter monitoring
Handy and functional
Ergonomics and usability
Product delivery includes