Advanced transceiver for radio traffic

D-TECT SERIAL is a device designed to bi-directionally communicate the Neat radio ecosystem with alarm management systems such as D-SERVER or D-TECT Alarm through a serial port. D-TECT SERIAL sends the received alarms to the central unit to be analyzed and then retransmits them to the configured destination.

Versatile  installation

The installation is multi drop (Picture 1) with up to 30 units divided into 2 lines. Each D-TECT SERIAL unit can be powered individually with its own adapter or through the D-BOX unit with a single adapter that allows powering all units of each line.

When using the D-BOX unit, it is recommended to use an uninterrupted power supply UPS (Picture 2), capable of maintaining the power supply in the event of a failure in the central system, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the service.
D-TECT SERIAL can be powered either from an AC adaptor or via an RS485 bus.
Neat also has another product called D-TECT IP whose communication interface is an Ethernet port instead of a serial port.


  • Easy installation
  • Radio transceiver
  • Powered by an AC/DC adaptor or the RS485 bus
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms