Advanced radio repeater unit

REPO+ II is a unit designed to expand the coverage of Neat RF devices in residential care environments. When a signal from a radio transmitter is received, it is forwarded by REPO+ II with a higher output power level.
This device guarantees that all alarms reach their destination without any limitation regarding the size of the center, structures and materials used. Its coverage  is 2.5 km in free-field conditions in the EU frequency, 869.4 MHz.
The unit may be configured to retransmit either all radio signals or up to eight radio signals with preprogrammed codes.

Focus on safety

REPO+ II has a self-rechargeable battery that comes into operation when there is a power outage, in this way it is possible to guarantee the continuity of the service for up to 72 hours. Once the supply is restored, the battery is charged again.
The unit continuously checks the status of both the battery and the power adapter and can be configured to send test alarms automatically to the destination units on a regular basis. These functionalities keep the unit always monitored, which allows immediate action against any failure.

Key features

  • Easy installation
  • Backup battery
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms
  • Transmission range up to 2.5 km in free-field conditions