Neat sponsored a successful forum on health and telemedicine in Madrid

“The health and social care coordination is an ethical duty.”

Madrid, April 16, 2015

Neat has participated as a sponsor of the “Foro de Encuentro Sociosanitario en la Comunidad de Madrid”  held on Tuesday April 14 at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and organized by the Madrid Association of Care Unit, AMADE, the Health Department and the Social Affairs Department.

The primary objective of this space was to share experiences, to publicize the achievements and goals put on the table and actions to improve the social and health sectors that meet current patient profile.

"The patient profile has changed since the 90s to date, now the patient is more informed, society and technology have changed, patients have specific demands  and we often cannot respond satisfactorily to the demands of health", said Antonio Alemany, General Director of Primary Care. He also added that "the social and health areas have an ethical duty to be understood each other."

During this forum experiences of social and health continuity were presented. Among the experiences shared, we can highlight the exposure of Madrid health service that focused on telemedicine applied to the geriatric field. This conference revealed that ICTs are essential to achieve a health and social coordination and the Madrid Service pursues that telemedicine allows such integration.

During the debate, all speakers came to the same meeting point in recognizing that social and health areas must be known primarily for the good of the patient.

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