Neat launches the Wired Wall family

Neat strengthens its brand with the launch of the Wired Wall Family.

July 23rd, 2015

The Wall family has taken a step further, the wireless devices that comprise it are now also available as wired devices. This is called the Wired Wall Family.

Wired WALL Family is a product category intended for mounting in new and/or existing facilities which have wiring installations and is specially adapted for use with other products from the WALL Family.

The Wired WALL Family consists of eight products to meet the same functionalities the Wireless Wall Family meets; among these features we can highlight the user alarm management in room, door opening management, buttons designed to record time of care, etc.

These 8 products are: W-KEY, W-PULL, W-PEAR, W-PUSH, W-PUSH+PEAR, W-PUSH+PULL, W-3PUSH and W-3PUSH+PEAR.

The Wired Wall Family completes the Neat solutions catalog to respond to wired infrastructure projects. Previously when technological projects were deployed in wired installations, Neat had to resort to the devices of other manufacturers like Legrand, Simon etc., to integrate their wired solutions to the Wireless WALL Family  central unit.

Now, with the launch of the Wired Wall Family, things have changed, Neat no longer needs to integrate solutions of other manufacturers, the Wired Wall Family can offer a comprehensive service using 100% Neat technology, which undoubtedly strengthened the brand image of the company.

One of the biggest advantages of the Wired Wall Family is that in combination with the Wireless Wall Family can expand its features at a lower cost, and perform complementary actions that will be managed by the main unit of the Wireless Wall Family to which is connected. Features such as notices to various working groups, housekeeping, meals, health personnel, etcetera.

Both Neat and its customers have managed to reduce the total installation costs of the system, at having a reliable, versatile and high quality product.

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