Neat Group won tender to supply digital carephones in Sweden

  • 200,000 carephones will be replaced by digital technology in Sweden.
  • After offering the most competitive prices in the tender, Neat Group stands above Caretech and Tunstall.


Madrid, March 12, 2013

The multinational Neat Group holds the first place in the national tender digital carephones  in Sweden.

Caretech and Tunstall were also selected by the Swedish government, as they complied with the requirements of the tender, but out of all candidate firms, Neat Group was awarded with the highest score, by presenting the most attractive offers with the lowest prices.

 In October last year, the Scandinavian government called companies from the healthcare sector to enter the tender by observing two significant situations: the quality of service regarding the social alarm services is being affected by the accelerated digitization of the society and also, to save money, «the telephone companies are closing down the analog telephony service in some places in the country», Ulrik Lundberg, Country Manager of Neat Group in Sweden, said. «They have decided to encourage the market to go digital», Lundberg highlighted.

Neat Group participated in the tender with its sophisticated carephone called NEO, with three versions: NEO IP, NEO GSM and NEO IP/GSM.

One of the key requirements for this tender was that all participants had to support an open protocol known as SCAIP, (Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol). This protocol was developed jointly by all companies in the market.

 There are 200,000 carephones being used in Sweden, and the government predicts that over the next few years all will be replaced with digital technology, in order to maintain the level of service for the elderly. It is also estimated that in the short term, not only Sweden, but also the rest of Europe «will continue the trend and change their analog carephones for digital technology», Lundberg said.

 Out of the 290 municipalities in Sweden, the tender included 253, a highly relevant figure to represent a wide potential market for Neat Group. «Almost all communities in the country are now allowed to order carephones from us, at the most competitive prices in the market», Lundberg said.

The contract between the government and the awarded companies was signed on February 25 in Stockholm. Basically we can say that «no one other than us, Caretech and Tunstall can sell this kind of equipment in Sweden without putting a new public tender», Lundberg underlined.

Neat Group's success in this tender confirms that Neat Group is the leading choice for service providers that are responsible of replacing the analogue park for digital park in Sweden.

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