Neat Group continues innovating in sensors for epilepsy

Over 200,000 Spanish children suffer epilepsy. Multinational Neat Group has the exclusive sales of bed sensor and wrist sensor in Spain.

Madrid, October 1, 2013

In order to meet the need for detection of epileptic seizures, regardless of age, body weight or the type of seizure, Neat Group has launched two new epilepsy sensors, bed sensor and wrist sensor. These two devices can detect immediately the onset of a seizure motion and send an alert through radiofrequency to the caregiver.

The bed sensor is an innovative small-sized device, that unlike other sensors on the market, offers a high degree of sensitivity, it can detect not only the repeated movements resulting from severe convulsion, but also detects the soft convulsions that occur during sleep, in cases of nocturnal epilepsy.

Because of its high sensitivity and reliability, the bed sensor is widely recommended for infants, children , youth and adults . Quality of great importance, due to only in Spain, there are 400,000 cases of patients with epilepsy, of which over 50% of cases are children.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization, WHO recognizes that this condition represents a major public health problem worldwide.
Since the bed sensor detects seizures while the patient is lying down or asleep, Neat Group has gone further and also offers the wrist sensor, which consists of a bracelet that can be carried by the patient 24 hours a day either in a residence or in a private home.

This device is developed for use by adults and teenagers. It detects the unconscious movements of the arms, which are presented for a generalized tonic-clonic seizure, better known as Grand Mal.  Also, the sensor has the ability to make regular measurements of wrist motor activity  to check if it's a natural movement or a seizure.

Both the bed sensor and the wrist sensor can be configured so that, when they detect the onset of a seizure send an alarm to the TREX system - a small device  that the caregiver must carry and acts as alarm receiver. Besides the TREX system has a wide coverage, which guarantees freedom of movement.

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