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Wednesday, 14.10.2020

Neat deploys its assistive technology at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Catalonia to support the management of the pandemic

With the aim of providing better care to semi-critical patients with coronavirus disease and minimizing the risk of infection for healthcare personnel, the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital has carried out a modular expansion of the centre, which has been equipped with the Neat Wireless Nurse Call system so that healthcare professionals can organize workflow more efficiently and people receive higher quality care. READ MORE ...

Wednesday, 29.07.2020

Neat makes available an assisted living solution that allows securely zoning nursing homes

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has brought devastating consequences. The population group most affected by their vulnerability has been the elderly. According to official figures, 60% of those who died of coronavirus in Spain were residents in nursing homes. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 02.06.2020

Telenor has deployed the Neat´s NOVO Connected solution at an emergency preparedness centre in Norway to deal with the coronavirus pandemic

Bćrum, a densely populated city in Norway, has faced one of the highest rates of people infected with coronavirus in the whole country. Based on this reality, the municipality has acted immediately establishing effective and forceful solutions following government guidelines. These initiatives have facilitated the management of the pandemic and contributed to improving patient care. READ MORE ...

Wednesday, 20.05.2020

Neat´s NOVO Connected solution is being installed and configured remotely in Germany to prevent the spread of COVID-19 desease

The coronavirus pandemic requires rapid and effective actions that help protect the safety and health of telecare users who represent one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Based on this need, Neat, a leading manufacturer of home emergency call systems, through its subsidiary in Germany, has responded forcefully, therefore, since the beginning of the confinement offered its clients an initiative to install the telecare service remotely. READ MORE ...

Monday, 27.04.2020

Neat technology makes teleworking possible and the increase in the efficiency of telecare services

The coronavirus pandemic requires the rapid and efficient response of technology development companies for the social health sector. Initiatives must be aimed at maintaining and reinforcing comprehensive care for the elderly, the most vulnerable sector of the population.
At Neat we are aware of these needs and for this reason we have made available to our clients a professional telecare call management platform that a few years ago was conceived and developed as a mobility solution. This system has allowed the staff of the care centres to work in their private homes and from there continue with their usual tasks to the maximum of capacity, attending to user alarms with the same efficiency and quality.

Monday, 20.04.2020

Neat donates material in Sweden to produce protective face shields for caregivers

One of the main problems in combating the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Sweden is the lack of protective equipment for care personnel that help the elderly. In hospitals, this deficiency is better controlled, but in elderly care work the situation is more complicated. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 14.04.2020

Legrand is supportive and committed in the face of the covid-19 epidemic

Since the start of the current global health crisis, Legrand has launched a series of measures aimed at protecting both its employees and its customers. These measures contribute to restraining the spread of the Coronavirus, while ensuring continuity of service for its customers and partners. On the basis of this unprecedented mobilisation, Legrand contributes to the ongoing solidarity efforts to contain the sanitary, social and economic impact of COVID-19.


Monday, 06.04.2020

Advanced telecare, the most effective and risk-free tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

As part of the efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease, while safeguarding the safety and health of the elderly, Neat has started the installation and configuration of advanced telecare terminals remotely in the users´ homes.

Since this technology can be activated remotely, it is not necessary for an installer to access the home of the elderly person. The equipment is sent by courier service and the only requirement is that the user plugs it into an electrical outlet and once this is done, the installer, from a central office, ensures that the system is operational in a matter of minutes.

Wednesday, 25.03.2020

NEAT technology is ready to help healthcare personnel in the COVID-19 crisis

At Neat we are aware that the coronavirus health crisis that Spain and other countries are going through requires immediate and forceful solutions that facilitate its management and contribute to improving the care of patients.

Faced with this need, Neat made available to sites enabled for the care of coronavirus patients such as field hospitals, medicalized hotels, etc. its wireless patient-nurse call system, a simple and effective technology.

At this time of crisis, it is required that the setting up of temporary hospitals be ready quickly and efficiently. READ MORE ...

Monday, 13.08.2018

NOVO is the winner of the Senda Award in the category of Original Product

During the ninth edition of the SENDA Awards, our digital telecare terminal, NOVO, was awarded for its originality, its innovative concept and for being a digital system adapted to the needs of the present and the future. Neat was represented at the ceremony by Adolfo Tamames and Arturo Pérez Kramer who collected the prize full of joy for the great recognition of the effort to innovate constantly in the social-healthcare sector. READ MORE ...

Neat is leading the digitalization of the social-healthcare sector

The Swedish Embassy, with the collaboration of Neat, carried out a day of digitalization entitled "Leading the digitalization in the social-healthcare sector”. The event took place at the residence of the Swedish embassy in Madrid on May 30. In this space, representatives of different Public Administrations and private companies, specialists in technology and digital services from Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France, gathered in order to share reflections and strategies, analyze the imminent staging of the digitalization in the social-healthcare sector and share their experiences and their digitalization projects. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 05.12.2017

The epilepsy sensor EPI CARE 3000 has been tested with highly satisfactory results

With the objective of finding a reliable technological solution to support the nocturnal convulsive seizures of patients with epilepsy, the “Biscayan Association of Epilepsy Doctor Maribel Forcadas”, (ABEPI, by its acronym in Spanish), tested the epilepsy sensor EPI CARE 3000, distributed in Spain by Neat Group. The results of the test were very satisfactory; the device detected 22 crises without giving false positives. READ MORE ...

Wednesday, 28.06.2017

Neat reinforces its commitment to information security by being certified with ISO 27001

Neat has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems thanks to its continuous commitment to the development and implementation of security measures related to the processing of information. READ MORE ...

Wednesday, 31.05.2017

Neat launches to the market an advanced digital carephone

Neat has developed an innovative telecare terminal called NOVO; it is a completely new digital concept that will take telecare a step further. NOVO´s state of the art design is intended to be integrated in home, optimize all its functionalities and offer highly competitive advantages. NOVO will allow service providers to offer the highest quality care. READ MORE ...

Thursday, 23.07.2015

Neat launches the Wired Wall family

The Wall family has taken a step further, the wireless devices that comprise it are now also available as wired devices. This is called the Wired Wall Family.
Wired WALL Family is a product category intended for mounting in new and/or existing facilities which have wiring installations and is specially adapted for use with other products from the WALL Family.

Monday, 01.06.2015

Neat achieved the renewal of important certifications from Microsoft and Cisco

Thanks to the quality of its developments and products Neat Group has renewed two important certifications, the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the Select Certified SMB Partner. READ MORE ...

Thursday, 16.04.2015

Neat sponsored a successful forum on health and telemedicine in Madrid

Neat has participated as a sponsor of the “Foro de Encuentro Sociosanitario en la Comunidad de Madrid” held on Tuesday April 14 at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and organized by the Madrid Association of Care Unit, AMADE, the Health Department and the Social Affairs Department. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 24.02.2015

Neat took part in an important healthcare forum

Neat participated in the IV Senda Healthcare Forum entitled "Madrid: a consolidated model of care for older persons" on February 24 at the headquarters of the IMSERSO in Madrid.
In this event, Adolfo Tamames gave a lecture entitled "Technology and comprehensive care", theme that was also analyzed by the General Director of the Dependence Coordination of the Community of Madrid, Luis Martínez Hervás. READ MORE ...

Wednesday, 29.10.2014

Neat launches a new presence sensor

Neat has designed and manufactured a sophisticated presence sensor on bed and chair with a completely new technology to reduce maintenance costs for annual replacement, since it is very long-lasting. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 09.09.2014

Neat Group certifies its commitment to the environment

The manufacturing division of Neat Group, in its commitment to sustainability and balance of the planet, has obtained the certificate of the UNE EN ISO14001: 2004; it is a standard used as a reference for the development of an Environmental Management System. READ MORE ...

Thursday, 28.08.2014

Neat Group won the Senda Award 2014

Neat Group was honored by Senda Awards 2014, in its fifth edition, in the category of Outstanding Company.
The Senda Awards aim at promoting the participation of the elderly in society and to recognize the work of institutions, companies and professionals who strive to improve the quality of life of older people and encourage personal autonomy and active aging. READ MORE ...

Sunday, 27.07.2014

Neat announces the signature of a joint venture agreement with Legrand

Neat has always been committed to grow on the assisted living market, as exemplified by its continued expansion in the past years. To continue expanding its presence in the market, Legrand is considered the best partner for Neat. READ MORE ...

Saturday, 05.07.2014

Neat Group launches a renewed presence sensor for patients

In order to help healthcare institutions to manage more efficiently the alarms launched by motion sensors, Neat Group has market a presence sensor in bed with innovative features that prevents service managers from receiving false alarms and allows the nurse to ask for help if the patient has a contingency. READ MORE ...

Monday, 16.06.2014

Hermanas Hospitalarias was awarded the prize Profesor Barea for its project based on Neat technology

With the help of the modern Neat care solutions the Hermanas Hospitalarias center of Malaga was awarded the prize Profesor Barea for its project: "Automation for supporting security and patient monitoring”, framed in the category “Innovation, development and new technologies”. READ MORE ...

Monday, 12.05.2014

Neat carries out a great technological deployment in Sisters Hospitaller

The Hospitaller Sisters centers in Malaga and Granada, dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities, pursued three major challenges: improving the quality of life of users and families, providing residences with an innovative highly reliable technology to modernize its facilities and helping health professionals to act in emergency situations. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 29.04.2014

A Neat App helps the City Council of Madrid to win the Smart Cities Award 2014

The modern application SmartCall of Neat Group has contributed to the Government Department of Family, Social Services and Civic Participation of the City Council of Madrid to prove worthy of the award "Smart Cities Contracts and Projects 2014" for the project "Home automated Call in the pickup service for elderly in day centers. " READ MORE ...

Friday, 28.02.2014

Adolfo Tamames is awarded the prize LinAJE

In the hands of the Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, the president and founder of the multinational Neat Group, Adolfo Tamames, has received the award for the category LinAJE promoted by the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Madrid, AJE Madrid. READ MORE ...

Friday, 28.02.2014

Neat Group discusses with César Antón on healthcare convergence

Executives of multinational Neat Group and the Director of Imserso, César Antón, met with specialists in the field of dependence to analyze the role of technology in healthcare coordination. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 01.10.2013

Neat Group continues innovating in sensors for epilepsy

In order to meet the need for detection of epileptic seizures, regardless of age, body weight or the type of seizure, Neat Group has launched two new epilepsy sensors, bed sensor and wrist sensor. These two devices can detect immediately the onset of a seizure motion and send an alert through radiofrequency to the caregiver. READ MORE ...

Tuesday, 12.03.2013

Neat Group won tender to supply digital carephones in Sweden

The multinational Neat Group holds the first place in the national tender digital carephones in Sweden. Caretech and Tunstall were also selected by the Swedish government, as they complied with the requirements of the tender, but out of all candidate firms, Neat Group was awarded with the highest score, by presenting the most attractive offers with the lowest prices. READ MORE ...