Business ethics

Observing the rules of business ethics

Observing the rules of ethical behaviour is one of Legrand's fundamental values, along with customer focus, resource development and innovation. These four values are at the heart of the Group's identity and are fundamental for long-lasting profitable development.

Based on this identity, Legrand is committed to preventing corruption and fraud, and observing the rules of competition.

The Group also organises itself to avoid conflicts of interest and fights against embargoes, money laundering, and the funding of terrorism. On the one hand by raising awareness and training its teams, and on the other hand by closely monitoring that its compliance programme is properly implemented.

Making a commitment together

The firm commitment by the General Management with regard to business ethics is underlined by its signing of the Global Compact and its observance of the main universal principles and international reference texts (particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and additional pacts, the Convention and Guiding Principles of the OECD on corruption of foreign officials in international business transactions and OECD guidelines for multinationals, the United Nations Convention on corruption, all national laws on the fight against corruption, European Directives on competition, and all national laws concerning competition).

The whole Group is actively involved in this business ethics initiative. The General Management declares its support for all the Charters setting out the Group's business ethics principles. All of the Function Managers and Managers of subsidiaries sign letters committing to the proper implementation of the compliance programme. And every employee undertakes to adopt ethical behaviour.

An ethics alert system

An ethics alert system is in operation, which is accessible to all Group stakeholders in the event of problems involving accounting and/or financial matters, corruption, competition law, serious damage to the environment or the safety of people, unethical behaviour (discrimination and harassment), data protection, or a conflict of interest. All employees are sent this generic e-mail address:


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