The hand-held terminal

Hand is the ideal tool for mobile care workers, allowing them to manually configure NEO on-site. It can be used to change parameters such as telephone numbers, user numbers, logs and much more with ease. The HAND terminal is powered by two AA batteries and is very energy efficient. It can be connected to NEO’s connection port (LINE).

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • To program the NEO carephone system
  • Compact dimensions: 93 x 60 x 28 mm
  • Easy to operate
  • Direct connection on NEO to the LINE box
  • Power supply via two AA batteries

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The reliable, user-friendly solution for the care of older people and those who are living alone

Advantages for you

  • Practical: To manually configure NEO on-site
  • Flexible: Easy to change parameters such as telephone numbers or protocols
  • Fit for purpose: Easy to use and understand