Always connected, updated and safe.

NOVO is the new digital carephone developed by Neat. It has been intelligently designed end-to-end with the intention of enabling service providers to offer the highest quality care.

This is a completely new digital concept that will take telecare a step further. The interior and exterior design of NOVO is intended to optimize all its functionalities and to offer advantages that the rest of the carephones of the market are not able to provide.

With NOVO, the connectivity, the sense of comfort and security have been brought together with a great modern design to fit in every housing and residential environment.

Robust multi carrier communication with four options:

  • IP: Based on VoIP, integrates voice, data, video, etc. and optimizes the entire communication infrastructure.
  • 4G: Great speed and high effectiveness in communication.

  • GSM: Digital transmission of voice and data with great quality.

  • PSTN: Optimizes voice communication in real time.




  • NOVO is always connected and supervised through NEAT’s web portal. Configurations and software updates are easily carried out remote, which implies less time for technical work - more time to care.
  • Best battery back-up time available on the market. The stand-by time is up to 450 h, but more important, NOVO can manage several days of battery powered operation with maintained functionality for speech alarms and digital supervision. 
  • To ensure the best possible security, the radio meets the local regulations of each market communicating over frequencies dedicated for social alarms.
  • Digital protocols, for example NEIP, ensures that the data transfer  is significantly safer and much more reliable.
  • TeleHealth applications such as Remote Patient Monitoring enabled with the NOVO Home Health Hub offering.
  • Up to 48 accessories can be connected to the NOVO. NOVO performs regular communication tests of all accessories and alerts personnel in case of disturbance or interference.
  • Powerful sound and clear two-way communication contributes to quicker assessment and easier handling during the alarm call.
  • Advanced roaming with dedicated SIM-cards. Network selection based on signal strength and availability during start-up. Automatic network switch at service degradation indication during operation. This enables the highest possible degree of network availability.
  • E-visits and digital supervision over a video link combined with all telecare advantages in the NOVO

NOVO, the best choice

Connectivity means control

  • Online supervision for all of your installed devices in one place
  • ldentify problems in advance knowing the status of your units at any time
Control means security
  • Failed alarms report distributed to personnel
  • Locate the units and integrate services using this feature
  • Centralized reprogramming and firmware updates
  • Terminals always updated with latest improvements and functionalities
  • Supervision independence from the alarm central
Security means speed
  • ldentifying units with technical discrepancies
  • ldentify the alarms not reaching the alarm central
  • Increased security with digital protocols
Speed means cost saving
  • Plug &Play installations: automatic configuration and easy to add peripherals
  • Remote firmware updates over IP / GPRS with minimal operation downtime
  • Quick digital data transfer allows the alarm to reach the alarm central quickly
Cost savings means bigger profits
  • Planned preventing actions based on info from the supervision
  • Remote configurations, reducing personnel and travel costs

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Advantages for you

  • Reliable: Always updated
  • Comfortable: Remote updates and configuration
  • Efficient: More reliability and control



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Technical specifications