Alarm view point

Innovative alarm viewer

Alarm View Point is an application designed to display alarms on devices connected to the same network infrastructure, for example on a PC, a Tablet or a LED Display in care environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc. This solution works in an integrated way with the alarm management systems D-SERVER and D-TECT Alarm.
In order to optimize the management of alarms and their efficient distribution, this application makes it possible to create groups of devices, (for example, floor 1, floor 2, etc.) taking into account whether it is an assistance alarm, such as user alarms, or if it is a technical alarm, such as maintenance alarms.

Simple configuration 

 A customized group configuration can be done in a very easy way. It is possible to add both specific locations and specific alarm types for each group created.
Every alarm type can be also customized with a specific color and sound to give clear information about the emergency level of the alarm.

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  • Easy installation
  • Quick and clear alarm display for  an immediate attention
  • Configurable by user   
  • Encrypted information
  • Increases the quality of care