Optimally organise care and support care personnel

Hospitals and care facilities increasingly need to ensure that their processes are as efficient as possible. Well-designed technology can help them to organise their daily workflows more clearly and should ideally allow them to spend more time with individual patients.

The combination of TREX with D-SERVER is excellently suited for use in inpatient facilities. This allows D-SERVER to, for example, distribute alarms in an efficient and targeted manner, by group. The presence and location of personnel is registered automatically, making sequential alarm procedures possible. D-SERVER is available around the clock and is upgraded on an ongoing basis via the online service and updates.

Have an optimal alarm set-up: This is how the D-SERVER system operates

Who or what transmits an alarm at what time, and for what reason? D-SERVER can determine this with precision and thereby create the optimal set up for the forwarding of alarms. When D-SERVER receives an alarm it forwards this in accordance with an individually configurable scenario. D-SERVER can also take parameters such as alarm source, alarm type or time of day into account.

Ideal for use in outpatient care: TREX combined with ATOM

Used together with the ATOM hand transmitter, TREX is ideal for use in the care of spouses or parents in outpatient settings. Using the SMOKE smoke alarm, DOOR door alarm and FLOOR floor sensor and the NEO carephone and service system including connection to a service centre improves your safety and security. With a transmission range of up to 2.5 km, the REPO+ radio repeater makes connections to other buildings possible too.