Reliably caring for dementia patients

Approximately 1.4 million men and women in Germany are currently suffering from dementia – and those numbers are rising. This challenge can only be met with plenty of care, patience and highly developed technology.

NEAT supports these growing challenges using the D-POS dementia system and the DOOR door alarm system. This lightens care assistants’ workloads and allows patients to have their own space. The specially programmed D-ATOM radio transmitter receives a signal from D-POS in the low frequency range and transmits it onwards. Patients only have to wear the D-ATOM around their wrists and thus enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

Examples of use in (semi-)inpatient care

D-POS registers when a patient wearing the D-ATOM moves towards a particular door. D-ATOM sends an alarm signal with a code to the portable TREX receiver or the NEO carephone and service system or to an existing light call system. The DOOR alarm system can be used independently to monitor individual doors.