The intelligent radio transmitter

The intelligent I-ATOM allows people requiring living assistance to live without worry. It monitors its wearer’s activity on an ongoing basis and transmits an alarm when no activity is detected. The I-ATOM’s integrated activity monitoring prevents the intelligent radio transmitter from sending false alarms (when the activity button is not pressed). In addition to this, the I-ATOM also offers all the standard ATOM advantages.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • Integrated activity monitoring
  • To avoid false alarms
  • Handy size (only 44 x 35 x 11 mm)
  • Functional design and high wearing comfort
  • Two optical signal for confirmation (bidirectional transmission path)
  • Long battery life
  • Optimised transmission performance
  • Countless security functions
  • Waterproof according to IP 67

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Advantages for you

  • Worry-free: Integrated activity monitoring
  • Comprehensive: With all the advantages
    of ATOM
  • Reliable: Visual transmission confirmation
  • Practical: Waterproof and suitable for use
    in wet areas
  • Secure: Automatic battery and radio transmitter monitoring
Handy and functional
Ergonomics and usability
Product delivery includes