The wireless care and monitoring system

TREX was designed specifically for internal communication in the private and public care sectors. When combined with the ATOM radio transmitter it results in an extremely efficient wireless care and monitoring system that can alert family members or personnel to a call for help within seconds.

Due to its flexibility, TREX provides reliable support on a daily basis when used within private households, by professional care workers or in assisted living facilities. Prior permission or authorisation is not required to use TREX, so there are no fees, registration is not required and it is suitable for immediate use.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • To set up mobile call systems in
    the care sector
  • Wireless and is therefore easy to install.
  • Receives up to 255 channels
  • Bidirectional transmission path
  • Saves the last 32 alarms received
  • Easy programming for care staff
  • WALL family components controllable
  • Can display position via D-POS
  • Small, practical format (100 x 48 x 21 mm)



Use together with the ATOM hand transmitter, TREX is ideal for use in the care of spouses or parents in outpatient settings. Using the SMOKE smoke alarm, DOOR door alarm and CARPET tread sensor and the NEO carephone system including connection to a service centre improves your safety and security.


In inpatient settings, TREX stands out due to its alarm list and its capacity to receive up to 255 transmitters. Here, the PULL pull cord, the REPO radio repeater or the the logging device D-TECT, including D-TECT LOGGER software are useful add-ons.

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Charging Station

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Advantages for you

  • Efficient: The wireless system for
    the care sector
  • Flexible: Can be used in inpatient
    and outpatient settings
  • Comprehensive: up to 255 transmitter
    devices programmable
  • Compatible: Can be used will all NEAT transmitter devices
Technical specifications
Handy and functional
Ergonomics and usability